Christmas Eve 23
New stickers for my journaling…I’m so excited but trying not to look at them too much

Christmas Eve 23


Sugar doodle

Good morning! I have finished what I set out to do this morning. Ran out of tape, ugh. It’s ok it can wait until Tuesday. Got the cookies yesterday I ate my banana cream one then, and today I had sugar doodle which tastes like a cinnabon. I saved the best for last Christmas Day twisted sugar.

I had five Panda Express cookies in my cabinet, no idea how old they are I don’t eat them anyway, I decided I’ll open one everyday for the next few days. This was todays 👇🏻


I love you creatives that are in my circle, I see you! I’m inspired everyday by the ambition and drive set forward even when it’s hard. Got to keep on going, basically because once you start you cannot go back to doing other kinds of work. Nothing compares, and you make difference and spark creativity in others simply by example, that is your soul work.

Ooh 🤗 I got a 🦇🦇🦇 mail ecard today. Gosh I love bats, and I try to donate when I can. I’ll share it here. So cute 🥰 👇🏻

Tommorow Kitsune will be introduced to my blog. He was the sweetest, I can’t wait to show the highlights. Take care everybody have great Sunday no matter what you celebrate. See you tomorrow