Circulating the air
A cut piece of year of dragon, not sure if I showed it before

Circulating the air


I am here, finally on this day…Saturday the real St Paddy’s day eve. I am quite ridiculous 🤣. I have the new fan on and I am under the electric blanket. Hey whatever works! lol. I need it to circulate the air to make more oxygen for my mouth hole. I decided on this sleek design because it doesn’t take up as much room, I’m sure it will move all over the place until I find a good spot.

Guess who’s scared of it? Chim…imagine that!

I have nothing to say, this always happens when trying to write midday. I can only seem to do well first thing in the morning or really late. So I guess I’ll just leave you something to watch...if that is ok. Probably not new to some but still fun. See you