Cleaning with sound
Copic swatches and some drawing pens 😍

Cleaning with sound


Good morning, I’m cleaning the house with sound, as part of my selfcare. It’s quite relaxing. Feeling great today compared to the past few days. The new moon energy was tense/dense I couldn’t get rid of the feeling until sleeping, I had very limited arm strength. I did wash dishes and clothes yesterday and you aren’t supposed to on the lunar new year but…oops! One day closer to a storage unit! I‘m not really cleaning before that. I also just put in an order for my alkaline water pitcher filters they are way overdue, something I only need every six months.

Trying to come up with some food ideas for the week. Usually I do it while I am eating lunch, but then I’m full and don’t care 😂. Anyone else like that? This week I have continued the organic pineapple juice and I’m starting bone broth today also. That is new to me, it is supposed to heal the gut quickly and it is the number one killer of candida overgrowth. Not sure if I have that, but if I do, I won’t anymore😆.

I am going to stagger my intermittent fasting as well, I usually only eat between the hours of 11am and 8pm but it has been different since the move. Been waking up as late as 7:30am and eating as late as 8:30pm. Sometimes I want to eat breakfast so, probably two days a week I do it as days off to eat however I want. This is supposed to keep your metabolism on its toes, and realizes you are not starving if you miss a meal or change times so then it burns fat instead of carbs. I have been in ketosis a few times here without doing anything else. I’ll most likely eat qdoba once this week, and I’m going to change my regular order to white rice instead of brown. I do know about the brown rice is higher in arsenic but I’ve been eating it. Simple change back to white rice which has its negatives glycemically, but heavy metals are my primary problem I need to limit. So that will be a day off day because it’s not a healthy meal. I think I’m going to get chicken, I have sweet potato fries, and get stuff to make an avacado cucumber dill salad. I have this new to me salad dressing I think would be good with it called Girard‘s Champagne. It’s an old timey dressing I just never had it before this week and I like it.

Alright it is getting late already here’s some random pics. Happy Sunday.