Clearing ! 😱
I’m Shifting

Clearing ! 😱


Funny how there was an earthquake, an offer, and an epiphany ALL in the same day. As I briefly mentioned yesterday I am moving 😱. After the initial shock and grounding myself and having a chance to alchemize my negative thoughts, I have realized it is in fact, a blessing. I am abundant and grateful to have been in this exact lovely spot for 4 years I will look back fondly as the time of my greatest leveling up in my life, I have grown as a person SO much. There isn’t a more beautiful place in my opinion, so if you ever get the chance to travel to through Las Cruces, New Mexico stop and look at the mountains!

I knew that the eclipse was was telling me to just purge everything not serving me on all levels of my being but I couldn’t see what was ahead clearly, just that I need strength and faith and of course hope, then thinking about the justice card for overall energy and needing some clarity from higher guides got me real clear real quick. So it is now a done deal…for real. I‘m not disclosing the exact ‘where’ I’ll be publicly, that’s too dangerous. So I’ll update that after I’m safely there, next year. I’m going to start packing tomorrow and a bit here and there every weekend until I leave, there is so much to do. I’ll be here at Christmas but I’m not decorating, lol, that would be torture. I have moved so much in my life I know better than to wait too long to start packing.

So as a tower moment, I don’t see it as a bad thing but something that needs to happen for long term happiness. Not my ideal time of year to move and it freaks me out a little to know I’m encountering snow along the way, and that I’ll be somewhere with grass and bugs again, Chimmie’s has never seen grass, should be quite the adventure for her following the footsteps of her late jetsetter sister Zita 😂. Looks like I’ll be in central time zone, with a three thousand foot drop in elevation from here, which will make me feel strong. Some of the heaviness will leave with the air pressure change, I might feel like I have a new heart because just living in high elevation conditions your heart constantly like an athlete and I’ve been here for years. The air will have more oxygen. See all the positives I’m creating for my overall wellness? You can do this in your lives as well. Temporary side road shift in timelines and a massive quantum leap, with my eye on my highest always.

This is the next step in that direction, enjoy the journey not just the destination right? I know when to be the tortoise and when to be the hare. Even though I don’t find the place I’m headed all that exciting this go, I’m sure it’s charming, the destination after that one should be mine. Staying where I am is not a longterm option unfortunately, and I’m treading water, and no opportunities for 3D growth which let’s face it, we need a little of that that to be able to focus on 5D growth. For the past few days when I open my email I laugh maniacally because I had just bought stupid address labels and they are literally on the way to me right now, so funny everytime! O’well I only got 24 labels.

Since I will be pretty busy on the weekends packing I’ll have to put a hold on creative projects until I get set up at the new place. I’ll be in my logical mind to action shift, but after everything is set I’m going to be in a real good place for creating, I just hope I have as good of view as this one has been very inspiring and thinking about not being here in the spring makes me tear up and I’ll miss the birds. 😭 Damn it!! 🥹😂

Alright that’s all I got for now, I’m planning out the weekend. I’ll still be here posting just not everyday. Have a good weekend!