Cold 🌕 in ♋️ notes

Cold 🌕 in ♋️ notes



I don’t have my notebook available right now so I’m just typing it, sorry!  

Intuitive notes, Cards tomorrow

Cold 🌕 in Cancer (Also known as Long Night moon, and oak moon)

Affirmation: “I will become my own best caretaker”

keywords: DEVOTION & JOY

Colors: white red green black

Crystals: Obsidian, Ruby, and Serpentine

White, Silver and gold candles

Looks are deceiving what is really happening is rest and renewal under the surface illusion of death and lifelessness

Just now I heard, 

High priestesses are coming out of their hidy holes…yes 🤣 

Start visualizing what you want to bring into your life, good things are fucking coming


Finish your reflection shadow work: wrap it up

1.) what gave me energy this year?

2.) what drained my energy this year?

3.) what am I proud I did this year?

4.) what lesson did I learn this year?

Meet with your higher self about how you can be the best version of yourself in the coming new year.

Future focus

Honor your roots, don’t get tangled in nostalgia

Honor your feelings, don’t drown in them

Be open to new things, don’t lose yourself

Communicate as clear as you can with others, it can be harder due to Mercury Rx who rules communication/3rd house

If you are overwhelmed with emotions, learn to release some energy in healthy ways, I have discussed those ways in many previous posts.

Todays fortune, I accidentally ripped it but it goes with this moon so I included it