Cold 🌕 in ♋️🦀
Today‘s fortune, awe ☺️, we all do!

Cold 🌕 in ♋️🦀


Hello, lots happening today and I’m still managing to find a moment to throw this reading together. If you’ve not read the sneak peek go ahead and do that and come back to this post for a more in depth look.

As always take what resonates and discard the rest, this is a collective oracle reading and not all messages will be for everyone.

With that said, the tarot is my own personal reading so disregard, but I know it can be interesting to look at. I hope to inspire you to read for yourself. It can really help you figure your life out!

Earlier today I read “Zoom out occasionally“, but it actually said “Zone out occasionally”, and I paused on that for a few. and decided to add it here. I feel like that is a message for someone…zoom out occasionally to see the bigger picture that is your life, I feel like we don’t do that enough in our modern lives. So focused on the little details we just miss how far we’ve come already. It goes with honor your roots.

I only have this bone carving left out for this occasion no crystals. So it will have to suffice, bones are divination tools to heal ancestral wounds and aid in guidance and clarify messages.

This one is carved into a crab, the animal associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. As a spirit animal a crab holds many mysteries, is confident about where it wants to go and what it’s supposed to do to get there, at the same time shy and sensitive. It is meticulous in making a cozy safe home. The crab teaches you to head down your destined path with confidence in that you are protected from any danger that lurks along the way. The crab brings focus to your emotions and how to protect yourself. The crab encourages you to let your guard down for the right people. The crab walks sideways, reminding you not all paths are direct, so you should be flexible enough to take alternate ways around or different approach to get to the desired destination. Rise to the challenge when you come to something hard. Learn to relax and flow, surrender and let things unfold as they should. Don’t rush things, just move to the rhythm that feels most natural to you. Embrace feeling soft and vulnerable. Never take yourself for granted, balance between being nice and being assertive. Work to protect your wellbeing, emotions and needs, it is okay to be a little selfish. Call on crab spirit when you feel you’ve been too isolated or withdrawn, when you need to put yourself first, when you need reminded that everyone isn’t always out to hurt you or take advantage, to allow yourself to have meaningful relationships with genuine people.

There seems to be significance on the numbers 3 and 5 in the oracle reading card numbers and reductions. Support and change are coming up.

Surrender card has been coming out for awhile collective, time to find out what you are trying to control in your external environment because it is exhausting you, and listen to crab spirit, “relax and let it unravel the way it’s supposed to.“ Jupiter is the planet of abundance, be open to receiving, reach out and receive , give and receive…

Dynamic- is the sacred geometric activation coming in. You are coming into harmony in life. If it doesn’t feel that way then you may be headed into dynamic change so you can then balance life.

Tezcatlipōca-The Aztec Jaguar god of magic, night, war, education and temptation. He represents death and cold. His name means ‘smoking mirrors’, and uses scrying obsidian as divination practice, he holds a mirror up to make you face your own fallicies. The advice of the dead is to assess, pause and reflect in meditation. It is here where you’ll find out how to get out of chaotic situations you put yourself in. You’ll be massively rewarded for changing how you see yourself.

The spirit fire is bringing intense future focus at this time, a positive future focus let me clarify, excitement. Sound like 5th dimensional mindset of limitless potential and pushing 3rd dimensional fear to the sidelines. This is where you imagine your ideal future happenings...4th dimensional thinking is envisioning it NOW not later, the future is now. So what is happening? How does it feel? Nothing comes to be without first feeling it, envisioning it, that is how we invent new things out of thin air, for example. Lastly the universe message, ‘The way is clear’ card deals with your awakened magnetism, as you get clear on your path your energy will gravitate others toward you in support. Then this little bit here 👇🏻.

A pretty excerpt from The Starry Beginnings Oracle that corresponds with card #3, and another 5!

Okay I think that is all, 😮‍💨 a little winded after all that. Really awesome reading I think. I hope someone finds it helpful and positive. Much love to anyone struggling. You got this!