Comfortable Daze
‘Cloud Nine’

Comfortable Daze


I am SO comfortable today, I know comfort kills, lol, o’well, I love it! I haven’t even meditated as I usually do, but I will. It feels nice to just sit. I do feel sleepy because the nights sleep was broken and uh, active. An adventure 🤣. I just washed my hair which always takes it out of me but I couldn’t wait another day. Since I’ve started to sweat, I noticed my skin isn’t flakey lately. I also started putting lotion on and then a few drops of sweet almond oil on top of it. I guess that is how you’re supposed to moisturize, I’ve always done it in the reverse order. I really do see a difference with that routine. I think that sole drink is why I started sweating, one of those trace nutrients perhaps…maybe I don’t know.

I should invest in one of those hair dryer stands, it would be really helpful. I really can’t believe I just now thought of that after all these years of being alive and drying my hair 🤣. It does sound like Deja vu though, have I said it before? It’s so hard to tell, maybe I’m losing my memory. I hate holding it and trying use a brush at the same time switching arms because they get tired, it takes forever, as my hair almost hits the ground when I sit. Very little hair loss this week, so biotin is doing its job. Chimmie had a bath too. Now I’m contemplating what else I have to do today. There was another dead snake in the yard and a finch this morning 😢. The last snake dead in the yard was eaten in only a day by ants, yeah ants all that was left were the bones! There are now 15 quail living here, I counted them yesterday. They had an amazing year, other years they would just visit the yard occasionally and leave for the winter, but now they stay all year. I know they either are in season to hunt or we just passed it, and they all made it. Makes my heart happy. I don’t remember when I became this bird watcher lady 😂 but I am.

Anyways, just thought I would come back and write something because sometimes I just like to type. Is that weird? Other days I like to write on paper with a pen. Sometimes I‘m glad I have no subscribers 😂, getting this in their email, they’d probably be like, “what is she going on about? She’s loco.“ It’s selfcare therapy, while my spaghetti cooks, which is about done so I’m going to go. Have a comfortable day!

The spaghetti