Coming along…
Chimmie and Zita’s hand me down hippo with the broken squeaker

Coming along…


Good Morning!

Recap from yesterday: I got the vinyls and record player unpacked! My speaker is under my TV, not pictured. Still need to get the cds out of another box. Unpacked all the art work, books and other things packed in the box. Unsure of the art placements yet, have to think about it. I’m not going to be here that long (this address) so I don’t plan on putting any holes in the wall here. I may have to keep the art on my vanity. I have to move it from the bedroom to the other room before putting anything on it, I just don’t like it where the movers put it down at so…ugh. Definitely get it moved today or tomorrow. I really wanted it in the bedroom I’m using but the room is too small because I have a cal king. So, just not enough room really between it and the bed…which looks weird. I’m going to put my red coyote (from the yard) beside the player on the curtain side.

I put on that Mooncat nail polish last Thursday and it only chipped on my middle fingers. That’s pretty good wear time. I may take that off then reapply with a glossy topcoat this time, lol. I really like it!

Yesterday I was pretty creative, so it ate up some unpacking time. Some more theta surreal stuff where I summon my inner dragon. I also worked on some firey horses which is animated, so cool. Me looking a little devilish animated, and ended the night trying to create me coming out of a mirror by one foot and arm, I’m using smoke to create the illusion, also animated, still an animated WIP. By the next Art Dump I have quite a bit to show. Among some other odd and end things I have not shown yet, alt. versions and black and white lineart. So excited to show!

Yesterday was Natl muffin day, I didn’t have one. But I do have some gluten free chocolate Kaleidos cookies from Dillon’s. Can’t find the unicorn ones! Probably have to order those from Kroger at some point, I have done that, what a weirdo right? I have to buy five boxes at a time to qualify for shipping. Kinda of embarrassed but not enough to stop me 🤣.

Well I think thats it folks…more tomorrow I’m sure.

Fitting quote for the day…

Here is one of my favorite albums on vinyl, I own from Skeleton Hands called ‘Wake’

I could listen to it on loop all day.