Cosmic activity 😱

Cosmic activity 😱


Oh god this full WORM moon energy coming through already for me and this solar activity, are you kidding me 🥵. Let’s just say I feel it, can’t shake it. I’m so excited and I think I like it. About what? I dunno but I like it, got a funny feeling in my toe.

Weee 😆 I’ll be ok

So…I’ve decided on the next Oracle card deck. It is a popular one and I have fomo. So I’m going to get it because I deserve to have it. Yes I’m having a euphoric moment I love it when this happens. This is a good weekend. I gotta go for now. Be back maybe.

🤫. ODII, III, IV are live for oh…maybe like an hour or two, however long I feel like it. If you know…then go. Ok cut off is 8pm Central. Best of luck to you.

…8:01pm closed them, will open again eventually…I will announce like this.