Before I changed my actual hair this color


Who doesn’t like to play around with costumes. I was a choir kid (an alto) all of my school days, but not a theater kid, maybe I should’ve been. I think I briefly went through a stage in life (in my teens) where I felt like I had outgrown it. I may have even rolled my eyes at people who did, that is SO not me now. By my early twenties I was right back at it again. There is just something about the process, the transformation, the art of it all. It isn’t just something to do for Halloween, it’s for anytime I want to explore a creative look for sparking something bigger. I think my cosplay started when was about 5 years one of my very first vinyls (yes I had them then, I wish I still did!) was Scandal, The Warrior and did I LOVE IT. 🤣. I just stared at the cover, when I wasn’t singing and dancing to it. Thinking, "when I grow up I'm gonna do my makeup like Patty Smyth." I recently listened to the song Warrior on spotify and I forgot there was a video too, I just watched it a minute ago, haha I love it so much. Its SO 80's...Okay I'm getting off topic.

Sometimes I feel more real dressed up, although my personality stays the same, I'm just generally weird. Cosplay seems to be having its day currently, as everyone on social media is doing the same experiment in some form even if it’s just clothing and makeup. It’s all for the human fascination with breaking our limitations. I applaud everyone trying to escape out of the mold we’ve been poured into. If I had the energy I would do it everyday, however these days I’m lucky to put on clothes at all, I am guilty of wearing what I wore to bed as my outfit of the day. My mom recently told me I was “eccentric and headstrong,” in which I reacted with a laugh and said, “thank you!” I do follow my own beat…it has gotten me this far.

Young creepy cute 

It isn’t something I do for attention in public, I’m not interested in that. Online I post for creative expression and to maybe give others an idea to create something on themselves. I’ve always been more of a blending in with others when in public, because I dont like meaningless interaction. That’s probably my personality type creeping in, only wanting to grab attention when I want to…which is never really. I figured I’d do a collage or two here of my costumes. I just don’t post others much. I've learned more often than not people get upset because they don’t like how they look in a photo or whatever so I just stopped doing it. Or they straight up say don’t post me, I’ve learned not to take it too personally. Although in my younger years I thought it was me, that I was embarrassing people, 🫣 lol! Well, I still haven't done my makeup like Patty yet...YET!