Counting down
The mountains were beautiful last night 

Counting down


Good morning. Monday again from the desert. I found this soot sprite in the yard 😱. I mean...thats pretty funny right. Its cute when plants have eyes. Just trying to make life more fun.

Sitting here drinking a turmeric ginger tea while I place my methyl-life vitamin order. Three to five business days...I'm excited. I only have six consecutive days of my basic b from Thorne left so I hope these others (Methylfolate + b12 -hydrox & andensoyl and Supreme Magnesium) come before Saturday rather than Monday. I recieved free shipping too which was nice. I didn’t want to spread myself to thin all at once, but I think I may be able to go back and purchase MitoQ (coQ10) before the months end too! Ooh yeah! I will also pickup the b5p from Thorne too, and that completes my B needs. One more thing sometime between now and December will be methylation3 (Glutathione). All hopefully sooner than later. Taking my health seriously is my highest priority right now. It should be everyones highest priority always. I mean their health not mine 😂😂😂.

I am back to intermittent fasting in the morning now that my morning lattes have MCT oil and coconut cream. So two of those together have 80 cal which is nutritious enough to take my fat soluble vitamins without eating solid food, then I eat lunch and dinner regularly between 11am and 8pm. No food after that.

My feet were puffy the other day in the sun that is usually a PM thing if it happens. I didn’t even recognize them. I hope everything starts working correctly in the coming months.

I am going to go for now. Have a magical day 🪄✨