Dark & Dreary
I know it doesn’t go with the title, but I made this today to print out for gel printing art

Dark & Dreary


It’s dark outside, except for the occasional flash of lightning. The rain is pouring down, but I like the sound of the drops dripping from the roof to the ground with bouts of rumbling thunder. No tornados on the forecast 🤞🏻. As long as the electricity stays on I’m good with it. Makes my body ache though. Maybe it’s time to meditate or something like that. Here‘s the sound if you want to join me…



Earlier I meditated awhile, massaged awhile and it made the aches go away for now, I think it’s scheduled to rain for three more days, f***! Midwest springs are wet. I ordered my multi vitamin finally. Looked everywhere to find a coupon because the website is expensive, plus a solid shipping rate of $7 unless you spend $100. I didn’t want to spend that much, I did find 10% off coupon. Can’t wait to start it because I’m sure I’m missing something in my day to day diet. So the rain has stopped and I’m eating Chicken Marsala, it’s been years since I’ve had it.

Now I’m having another chai tea and browsing Etsy for crystals, a carnelian flame I‘m feeling guided to get one. I know, I said I wouldn’t buy for awhile. I can have it 🤣. That’s all I got tonight. Let’s rejoice in Mercury going direct again, love to see it, er not see it but you know what I mean.