Decorating and other things
He helps me decorate 😂

Decorating and other things


Good morning, happy Sunday. It is such a great temp here today,  it's 66 now and the high is only 82 and not humid which is perfect!  I only have a few things to show, and its not too exciting I'm sure as I do decorate mostly the same every year I just move things around basically. I might not have shown my golden butterfly skull at this house before, as it usually hangs out on my bookcase but I thought it would look good in this room I spend the most time in. I was right!

I'll add more as I go through pics. I don’t think I've shown the skull fairies timelapse when I unpacked them the first time last year. It goes well with the theme. Hmm having trouble uploading video...I'll add it in when it is working 🙄


Chimmie this morning digging, like she do. This is a screenshot from IG where I added a cute effect.

Just finished baking a gluten free cake for the first time, as you probably remember me talking about 'gluten free' before not having folic acid added. So instead of my normal coffee cake I wanted something pumpkin but coffee cakey 😂, so I added a can of it to the mix and it called for a few eggs which surprised me, and water instead of oil. It turned out good, had a pumpkin texture which is kind of dense. I used a butter cream icing. It hit the spot.

I am making some art currently I'm going to post a quick pic post in a couple minutes. I had a hilarious song pop in my head when I was done with this particular one, with some words changed to make it funnier. Don't be too concerned about my mental health it's art you understand though, and I'm heavy metal detoxing so shit is funny right now. I hope you like, I already posted it as my IG profile pic. I made some others but kind of risque so I  don’t know what I'm doing with that as of yet...stay tuned...oh yeah, here’s the cake 👇