Deflection…& Re.flex.ion
‘Fire bender’

Deflection…& Re.flex.ion


Well hello! let’s talk about dragons, divine knowledge, and the future :)

Massive timeline possibilities arrive this year against the clock, unfortunately catching many off guard to possibly feel they had to pick one they wish they hadn’t.  Don’t lower your vibe, you are protected on your journey, remember?! All things start in the 5D where time doesn’t exist or rather it is “divine timing”, all you have to is decide in 5D where you have all the time in the world, and come back to 3D to deflect the negative future outcomes popping up in your head. Then alchemize them into outcomes you wish to be. Completely rid your mind of the negative outcomes and change the trajectory of the future, which cannot exist if you don’t manifest it. This is your timeline…your terms, you deflect and detour without ever stopping. The road you’re on changes as you walk. What exists for you is what is exactly in front of you at all times, don’t like what is there…change it. This is why it’s so hard to merge timelines with other people, we all have different ones and can only agree for so long.

I saw super cute dragon art today it was a dragon looking head on directly at the viewer with big innocent eyes saying,  “I like looking at you 😆”.  That is a very dragon ability to look cute and non threatening so you will engage them, because if they were scary to look at before you trust them you might not engage. They are spirit and can change ferocity as necessary.  They want to help you on your way this year, we all have one, this is a year of divine knowledge Fledglings…by the end they want to see you soar. So start engaging with yours, find out their name, start asking them questions and listen for answers dragon wisdom is divine and they are safe keepers of keys, riches and wisdom, the galactic guardians. People learn deflection from dragons they are masters of fire bending. Use fire bending to clear your path in front of you before you get there.

I feel the need to mention the band Reflexion, their music reminds me of dragons and love, lol. Check them out on wherever you listen to music. I just ordered cd’s from Finland 😱! I tried to upload videos but it wouldn’t go through. Have a magical Monday.