Dia de los Muertos 🌹💀🌹

Dia de los Muertos 🌹💀🌹


Got that inner glow

Good morning, I slept pretty good from 9pm-5am, so I am well rested but my back hurts so I’ve already done a lower 3 chakra meditation for an hour, with a heating pad, drinking hot liquids.

I will do my Oracle reading this evening so I have time to feel better first, lol. This deck I’m using is so cool, I am really excited about it. I wish I had the energy to do skull paint but I don‘t. I almost bought some jewels for it but had that feeling I wouldn’t get to it.

My November losses in my past life,
In 2018 I lost my Shiba Inu on Nov.1st, it was really hard on me he was 14, a month away from his 15th birthday. It was on the horizon, as a year before he lost his hearing, and rapidly fell into dementia. He barked really loud for no reason because he couldn’t hear it, he walked with his head cocked sideways and started sleeping all day. So on this day he could no longer walk on his back legs and ultimately had that decision to make to take him to the vet. Very hard day that day, especially saying goodbye and letting Zita say goodbye to him before leaving the house. I am able to look back with only happiness now. Two years later I lost Zita before Thanksgiving…so November yeah…these were my kids not dogs. I’m am lucky to be graced with a third dog child Chīmalmā. I wish she was around to meet them because she would’ve fit in great.

ZitaBella Roo…