Upgrades & Divination tools
What do you see?

Upgrades & Divination tools


Integrating Clairvoyance through crystal scrying, my revealed newest spiritual upgrade. For the last little while I have noticed ’visions’ in crystals, in shadows, in photographs, in art, metal, in the eyes of animals, fire, ink, and so on, more than what it seems on the surface. I have not tried water scrying but I am intrigued now to try it, perhaps even go as far as to use tuning fork to create vibration on the surface, hmm 🙃! Recently I am receiving messages towards the ‘visions’ so I am guided to look at those ‘things’ again, for new understandings. When you look at things differently the things you look at change!

So much gratitude for the nudge to keep a phantom quartz in my life spirit.  It is quite the addition, although it represents who has always been there for me.  Even before I was born. The protection, energy, and depth of dimensions inside of the smoky quartz Freeform has been an eye opener.

The longer I look the more I see, so the more clarity of what I see comes forward, so I conclude that it is as if my actual eyesight has been enhanced to work with my third eye and heart.  I hadn’t actually been trying, it is more of a pull towards learning more. Just something that has happened over time and it has become a realization lately that this is my newest upgrade. I don’t know if this is just my upgrade, or if it is a collective upgrade at this moment. I guess I’ll observe and see if others begin talking about it too.

I’m unclear on if it is part of integrating the dragon or a bird of prey into your animal totem? I feel like my Cooper hawk from Las Cruces has become part of my being, as if she truly decided to stay and help me continue my journey.  I am fascinated to say the least, that I now have this gift to help clarify messages I ask guidance for. I’m not going to impose this truth to others to merely seek validation. I’m mostly just showing this to make others that already are awake on their own journey who I can help them feel a little more connected to their own divinity. Telling just any random person living merely in 3D only, just makes one look crazy, when in fact it is just that not everyone has the same upgrades at the same time, their time will also come someday.

My best guess is probably so we can work together with other people with different superpowers. So some things are to teach, and other things are just your own to keep.  Wow, I’m in real awe of this, it is a lot.  I’ll be reflecting on some things today, it’s like a pair of new eyes looking extensively outside the lines of what I previously thought was broad and vast, even as recent as this past fall. This year is larger than I thought possible.

Feel guided to make a quick reminder:

Anyone struggling through the current ascension phase please check out my playlist ‘Acension help’ on YouTube. Start in the high velocity frequency it will help you with the energy it takes to download information coming in. If you are new to this ride and the physical torments that may surface, know that this is a fast paced spiritual year no matter how slow 3D life is, what is happening on the outside of you will not match the inside. You will need water, drink lots of it, cleanse your body with it, cleanse your environment with it often, meet water with gratitude. This is essential, to others it could look like OCD, but it is normal and so important. Also eat hydrating fresh nutrious food, integrate salts into your life, Himalayan above all and then salts from different seas. Try mud masks and other earth rituals to help you ground the new things you are learning to this physical dimension.

I think I may have a new to me idea on creating art though this, we shall see. 😂 puny!

Anyone else experiencing something similar you’d like to share with me? Send it to my brain with intent of course, be nice.  Have a wonderful day, better yet make it wonderful, no matter what seems to be happening in your environment. Control your inner environment and rise above it. With Love, so much… ♾️

I’m just going to plug this high velocity video here 👇🏻. If you are on a spiritual journey experiencing ascension struggles, listen to this to propel and excel through it and get the most out of your downloads. Or, are you experiencing a dark night of the soul, you wanna come back to the land of the living? Listen to this to pull yourself out of it, and remove your blockages, hopefully for good. Get back to the track…you got this. I suggest you watch the video as well as listen to it.