Fast Doodle/Sketch
Some old art supplies that I had, all still work

Fast Doodle/Sketch



Hello. I thought I’d show my Orca doodle from my dream. I’ll color it tomorrow, and I may switch it up or add stuff, this was the general idea. I’ll show it on IG also but after this doodle I will probably show them mostly here. I found this oracle card on Pinterest, afterwards so thought I’d add it.

I finally fell asleep at like 1:30am and was back up at 6am 😵‍💫. No naps but I feel fine. Had Qdoba today (big surprise), that will also be lunch tomorrow. I have some dove dark chocolate raspberry sorbet bars, never had them before but sounds good. Having one as soon as I post this. Verdict tomorrow.

I haven’t done a manicure since I’ve been here and I won’t get to it tomorrow. I’m keeping my nails naked until I receive my first ever Mooncat color, Should be soon I ordered Queen of the dead, ooh so pretty! I only add really unique polishes to my collection these days and that one caught my eye it is a deep red/berry thermal, very pomegranate looking.

Well this is my twofer post, I hope someone had enjoyed the art dump I posted in the wee hours. I’ve been creating all day today, calling it quits and trying to wind down for going to bed at a reasonable time. Not sure what I’m posting tomorrow, stay tuned!