Dream work
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Dream work


Good morning! It is the first Monday of the month. October is always 'dream work' month. Pay lots of attention to your dreams at this time. Write them down, you will however retain more from your dreams then usual this month with the thinning veil. Many important messages will be trying to reach you from your higher self, ancestors, guides, and many more. This is will help serve as guide to keep you on the right track the rest of the year. The meanings will not always be apparent which is the other reason you should definitely write down the details that don’t make sense on the surface, also colors, mood, activities, symbols, animals, people, words spoken, be detailed as possible.

I had a dream as I was waking up this morning that seemed very important, that I unfortunately did not retain, and I am usually a really excellent dream retainer. All I remember is a cup and person, and I think it was a tarot card not a physical cup, but I don't know which one it was. Also the person was talking but again I can’t remember who it was. I'm thinking they were telling me it was important to remember about the cup or tarot cup card 😫. So I'm frustrated about that. Maybe it will resurface throughout the day, and I can write it down in pieces.

I have heard it is impossible to smell in dream sleep, but I have. I have tasted in dreams also.  Sometimes it is, but not always a pleasant experience. I fell asleep on the living room couch once as a kid and dreamt that I put a piece of gum in my mouth but it tasted like cat food, which woke me up fast. Upon awakening I had no gum, but a bad taste in my mouth of cat food. I know what cat food smells like, which I imagine is how it tastes, as I am not a cat food enthusiast and never dined on it intentionally. It just so happened to be the cats feeding time at home, for real so I woke up smelling the food, but thought it was in my mouth. Weird stuff right.

Alright so now you know, dreams=messages, dreams are weird, sometimes they taste bad, but sometimes they taste good. You have to go to sleep to grab your clues from the rabbit hole and unload them into 3D. okay, see you out there. Have a good day, and hey, don't stick the gum in your mouth!

It's not 'rest', it's crossing dimensions to find the way