Dreamwork October (recap)
‘On Fire’

Dreamwork October (recap)


Wow last night was intense! The replay repeated for the whole morning, it would have been obnoxious if I didn’t like it so much. I had three significant dreams this month that were very positive, with hints of others. There’s still time for another tonight! Or during a nap or whatever, I don’t nap much.  I stayed up pretty late last night watching The Shining, took forever trying to find the dvd then come to find out I own it digitally on Amazon, lol. I knew I had it somewhere. Amazing sleep as stated already woke up half an hour later than usual. 

Somehow I broke a nail halfway across, I don’t remember doing it. So, I guess I’m going to cut them all down a little bit. I haven’t picked what manicure I’m doing yet for tomorrow. Just winging it I guess, hehe that’s funny, you’ll see. Got just a tiny bit of candy in the rare case someone actually stops here. Only a few kids back in 2019 pre Covid era stopped, every other year has been dead. Bringing in the plants tonight, it got down to 38 over night last night 🥶.  In 2019 it was in the 20’s on Halloween night and I sat outside to hand out candy, that was insane. Especially since I used to sit outside in Florida and it was always in the 80’s 🥵.  I need a middle ground here 50’s-‘60s would be good.  Last year I almost had to move to Manhattan KS in October, hmm that’s pretty interesting thinking about it now. Infact, it’s still possible I have to move there next year. We’ll see, I still can’t envision it though. I try to not let outside forces wreck my inner peace, which is the other thing I couldn’t mention in July, and apparently still can’t, because nothing has been decided. FM 3D Life 😂. I still want to move to south TX…McAllen…

So anyways, how active is your dream world this month?