Drop a sword & have some tea
Having a random tea 

Drop a sword & have some tea


House is clean, I should rearrange my crystals and things now that I have my orders. Going to bring my hand back over that holds my rings. I’m thinking of storing away some palm stones in my drawer since they take up so much space. Last year Micheal’s Art Supply had this Halloween tray that was black and had a cemetery fence around it, I never saw it on their website,  just from other peoples' store pictures. Anyway its back this year and ready to ship! It would be perfect for my altar space to sit everything on, maybe I’ll get it. 👇

It's back this year! 12X12X3.4

I came across a video today that I literally shook my head yes to. This woman was like, “if you really want to change your life you have to stop being so mad about every little thing happening in it.” Seriously it’s that easy, drop the sword and you will be so much happier. I needed this yesterday when I was on the phone with my mom, I would have said it to her. She’s always mad, usually at the news. She is in total control of that though, watch something else or turn it off. I’m hardly ever mad at anything anymore, if I am it’s frustration, I'm hangry or trying to f*** with my hair, or getting rained on outside that’s about it, lasts about five minutes while find solutions. I  can offer her solutions but that’s not what she wants, she wants me to agree or debate, and I don’t even have an opinion on everything, ugh why would I? Everything doesn’t need to take up space in my head. I prefer positive passions and peace. She wants peace too but she doesn’t understand she has the power to change her mind. We are on two totally different planes of existence. I guess she rants to me and I rant here, lol. Okay now it is out and over.

I'm creating today, I spend most of the weekends doing that then during the week I do whatever. Not sure why I have more insights and energy Saturday and Sundays.