Earth, Gold, Soul and Spirit
'Connect to Gaia'

Earth, Gold, Soul and Spirit


So you’re 'grounded', but are you grounding down to the earth star?

Activate your Earth Star here 👇, then move up the chakra system and balance as you normally do, add soul star the 8th chakra if you’re ready for higher self guidance and 4D alignment with the 1-7 chakra system. Start slow with soul star some people are sensitive to the upper chakra frequencies and get headaches.

If you are already earth star and soul star activated, here is an amazing combo to listen to, including gold star that lays between the solar plexus and lower heart that balances logic and emotion. Enjoy!

Here's a soul star activation as well...

and...if you’re up for it, Spirit/Universal activation we are moving towards these activations as a collective now whether you’re ready or not...very high pitches so if soul star was okay for you, continue. If soul star gave you a headache wait a bit for spirit activation, make sure your crown chakra is open to receiving these frequencies, as it may be why you can’t take the sound. When soul star no longer bothers you continue to spirit.

There are more levels of activations of course, and I understand some of you have moved to higher activations, but I am here to help others get started and to not forget to ground the feet to earth star. I'll go over higher chakras in another post. I may include what crystals to enhance the experience as well. Have a great day.

"The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you" - David Lynch