So there was an earthquake in the wee hours while I was in bed. No I didn’t fall, but I found this meme and thought it was funny. It was a Mag 5.3 in west Texas, which happens a lot there but never usually comes this far West. I felt the bed shake a tiny bit and there was weird house cracking settling sound, I thought I imagined it but then checked up on it after getting up and it was real. Hmm, I did have a sexy dream though 🤔😳 it shifted the Earth 🤣. Nothing was broken in the house.

Anyways, back to meditation now, we have some solar flares coming. Himalayan salt, bathing, showering, soaking, and if you are somewhere warm enough go swim. If you don’t you maybe become anxious, irratated, or flat out angry or hangry. There are other balancing calming not draining solo activities, you can touch on. Some of you are thinking, “she‘s so dirty 🤣, unsubscribe!” But I only have one subscriber and jokes on you because they like that shit…yeah it’s still just me…I’m the subscriber.

I have some things to work out between my brain and higher mind. So I’m off. ❤️