🩸🌕 Eclipse in ♉️
Art I created last year during the full moon

🩸🌕 Eclipse in ♉️


It’s a Hunters Moon! I pulled my tarot cards and oracles. Using one of my new secret decks today so…the secret is no more 🤣 I have the ‘Santa Muerte’ tarot, it is the mini version. It is really easy to shuffle although the card stock has a slip to it. Gorgeous artwork which of course makes me want to get the full sized deck. Ah O’well. I still have one more deck to show possibly on Halloween but I’m pulling cards on Nov 1&2.

Above is the gallery and notes. Below are the crystal participants.

3D: desert rose, agate slice, agate eye, fire and ice quartz, obsidian pentacle, selenite charging plate, full moon bone carving, beebops in Taurus, nurture, and earth glyph, obsidian chunk, tourmaline, adventurine, adventurine heart chakra worry stone, Hagstone, red jasper, and kundalini citrine, multiple crystal mushrooms

4D: tantric quartz, ruby, obsidian heart worry stone, jade cicada, black jade ring, and carnelian sphere

5D: selenite disc, selenite towers, citrine, rainbow moonstone, blue aragonite raw, cobalto calcite

I’m going to check out the channeled song I wrote in the book.
Beautiful oracle reading today for the collective! Stay positive, nuturing, and in agapé, and in gratitude, give a gift to someone just to do it. Don’t force anything, getting clear is what it’s all about today. Clear out anything not serving, stop holding on to what doesn’t fit or feel good, remember that nothing real is ever forced. Know what you want, plan how to get it. People or circumstances will be eclipsing in or out of your life now, specifically from an 18 yr cycle so what happened in 2005 is officially dead. Some of the masculine energy is going through tsunami energies, some rising and crashing can be expected in the physical body, rest as needed. There will be a time to start again soon. Reap the harvest rewards before the year end. I hope you enjoyed!!

****the song is not Hewy Lewis, which is what came to my head. It’s Steve Windwood, lol. Ok check it out if so guided to. Funny fact after finding it on YouTube I realized I had this vinyl when I was little 🤣, wow!