End of the month Reflect
I don't drink but once in a blue moon...and I'm always reminded why I don't drink

End of the month Reflect


Good morning Thursday, and the last day of August 2023. I just want to say having that beer last night yeah...I couldn’t finish it, because I started swelling up about halfway through 🤣 it was a pretty picture though. I think I might be mildly allergic to some citrus also. I'm fine today. The only beer I do okay on is Heineken, I think it's because they have a very small ingredient list. Anyways, here is that pic of the candle I mentioned yesterday.

I'm very on the ball this morning, already did alot of things. I was wide awake at 3:10AM so...may as well just get up and start the day. I’ll probably regret it in a little while.

This month has been a ride, with lions gate between two full moons a new moon and all the retrogrades and the record breaking hot streak it was really challenging to keep up. I usually hide from the sun during the summer with everyone else, its a dry heat...but it'll kill ya if your not careful. As per usual I'm always looking forward to fall, its my favorite time of year in any climate. Yesterday was a landmark birthday for a family member of mine and I had that drink as my way to celebrate although far apart. No cake though, damn it! But I had cheese rangoon which counts as a treat, with honey walnut shrimp. They also just threw a handful of fortune cookies into the bag, so I had to open them all!

Looking towards September it is usually pretty nice here, and I can emerge again into the world for longer than half an hour at a time. The sun is making its way back right into my face through the sliding door at sunrise into the house I feel like I'm getting enough sun right now just from that 😂.

Yesterday I recieved my first 'single' methylated B vitamin. I couldn’t believe I found a B6 (as P5P) and a sublingual my preferred method! It's 17mg, which I will cut in half to 8.5mg it is a perfect daily amount for me. This month will be a transitioning month to new sublingual vitamins from methyl life. I am looking forward to getting started but need to finish the other up first. I will be adding a B2 (r5p) from Thorne to go with it. Also biotin and methylation3 (which is the glutathione) I mentioned in a previous post. I expect massive improvements in all ways to occur within three months of this change. Sometime in that time I will try to add in mitoQ-extreme which is a special form of coQ10 formulated for MTHFR issues. Waiting is the hardest part of all this, but I can’t speed it up any faster. Just little by little do better, stay as stress free as possible during and try and make good choices most of time and trust myself.

Have a wonderful day, I will be back in 24 hrs most likely...