Energetic bliss

Energetic bliss


As I have said before, I’m very sensitive to energy, and have been tuning inward for many years now. Although I’ve never been this continuously touched by it, so intense it feels like I have been thrown into a barrel with an eel, or like Frankenstein being born 🤣. It’s exciting because I didn’t physically do anything to bring it on it just is, ‘I’m sitting here like mmm ok, trying not to breathe‘, my body feels vibrantly alive and juicy, lots of static in my hair too 😂. On the edge of calmness and eruption for no reason, and any little nudge in the sensual direction would cause an earthquake.  Maybe I’m becoming one of those who reach heights to live in a constant state of orgasmic joy, or am I having a manic Monday?  I don’t know what else to describe it as.  It feels like it might be a permanent on switch, part of that mani-generator superpower.  I’m having a moment I guess as a soul enjoying its vessel, which is a sure sign I’m doing the right things. I’m just sitting here writing this, drinking tea. I just feel so in love with this moment and how it feels, it just keeps climbing higher. Could it feel any better than this, I can’t even wrap my head around that. I have to move my hips now, and I’m so hungry 🤣. I guess I should say thank you!

To those of you reading this, that have no idea what I’m talking about, yes, I made it weird again! To everyone else that does, have a blissful day!