A pic I took the day I decided to start my secret project
Always in other realms of consciousness...

Every second of everyday

Hello is there anybody out there....hmmm. I'm searchable on google now!  Wow, that is immensely cool to me. I did run out of time today, I decided to squeeze in doing my nails.  So I'm here not having a topic, so I'm just winging it, I had already said I was going to post.  I'll post again tomorrow to make up for not having anything to say today.  The title of this entry is a channeled message from a higher dimension, I just can't get it out of my head...I'm just going to write it down, my ears are ringing off the hook, thats good though.

Connecting to Earth
Connecting to Earth...

I do have topics coming... I want to do a post soon introducing Chīmalmā which is my dog, and I may intro my past dogs as well or give them a dedicated post of their own.  I have a spicy food related one. One or more, on crystals, meditation, magic all that good stuff I'm into. I recently decided to showcase a crystal of the month on Instagram which will be a very entertaining, new thing for me and hopefully my audience...I have tons of followers in the crystal witchy world.  I may do dead poet's poem reciting here,  I love to read out loud and it gives me an excuse. Also, looking to do an oracle card of the week on Sundays as a collective reading for followers.  Currently I've been posting my personal tarot energy of the week, and moon cards and monthly energies, it is fun, but exhausting I may start pulling back or just post the photos in a reel during the week, if people want to see what I've pulled for myself. I may start tomorrow on the oracle cards, I'm waiting on a deck still, but I have two other decks I can start using.

Find me in the 5D
Find me in the 5D 💫

If you've just stumbled on me from a search engine and not followed me on instagram go ahead and start. I don’t except new facebook requests and I feel like a meanie but (unless you're REALLY special) I just don’t have time to dedicate to it currently.