Feels like a crystal day
Siesta time for her

Feels like a crystal day


Hello Hello. I just finished lunch, I had Qdoba a couple days ago and figured I better eat these leftovers before the garbage does. The chips are Siete brand, I’ve never these ones before. They were kind of crumbly and thin like pringles, but I think they are made of cassava instead of corn? I probably won’t get these ones again in particular, I like crunchier chips. But they are gluten free! lol

I am going to get a fan today, picked out one in stock nearby. Yay! It is stuffy in here, and I think it will get worse as it gets warmer. I’ll show a picture tomorrow, looking forward to it. My main vital vitamins are coming tomorrow, glad that will be over for a little while. I still have to integrate the gut cleanse and multi vitamin which I didn’t get yet. Probably next month, as long as the changes I made this time around permit it.

Today I’m going to grab the crystal I spoke of previously. Probably won’t get any after that for awhile. Maybe a few very interesting and rare small tumbled stones today too. Oh I’m excited 😆. I’ll make a blog post dedicated to it when the day comes.

Guess I’ll be doing my nails after this post and listen through the release radar list on Spotify today. I may be back later with more. If not, have a great Friday!

Quote of the day: I may have made that up but it makes sense to me

“Your desires are divine, nothing is coincidence”


Many hours later…
I bought the crystal but just the one, decided to take it easy.