Friday flashback🪽at the turn of the century…



Hello. What’s happening today?

I got this new ghost in the mail. I believe I mentioned it the other day. I’m impressed, very nice and bigger than I thought it was going to be. Good!! It was $12 shipping and the box was smashed but unscathed inside. Didn’t want to put a hole in the wall but had to. Love it! This will be the extent of new decor, it was quite impulsive. I get that way sometimes 😏. I have so much in storage for Halloween.

Not much else going on. Had to get a new magnesium today ran out and decided to get one that is much cheaper. I found this one for less than $13 and it is high quality type with a buffer too, so I would say it is slow and effectively absorbed without being hard on the stomach. Just going to take pill a day so it should last 3 months.

Glyconate type

One bunny was outside chillin by the sidewalk. So were some alpacas or llamas not sure of the difference. These ones are on Kansas State Campus.

What to get into now…doom scrolling, probably, I have to get it in everyday. Or mmmmmeditate masterfully…😂. If I’m being real, both, but I’m not tellin. Bye!