Friday ready
She loves this electric blanket

Friday ready


For National 🍕 Day

Yesterday I had this Gaia series from the health section playing in my background all day called ‘bio hacking’ it was about food. It has me questioning some of my decisions with food and supplements now, a lot of really helpful and interesting info that I didn’t know about plants defense mechanisms leaching minerals from bones. There was quite a bit I did know as well, again only because I’ve had to for some reason or another. I didn’t pay attention to all of it, so I’ll have to rewind to parts I missed.

I didn’t end up getting around to the art yesterday after all. I’ll start today after lunch, which it is (Natl pizza day). I have caulipower pizza, one of my favorites from the freezer section. I have jalapeños to put on it and sun dried tomato pesto, yum! Yes I do know about nightshades and how some people are sensitive to them but I always feel fine eating them. Tomato, potato, and eggplant I think have eaten in my ancestral line a longtime.

Not a whole lot going on today. Tomorrow is lunar new years, I’ll post my video sometime on IG tomorrow. So I guess tonight is new years again 😆. I’ll try and post a new moon reading here tomorrow.

Here are yesterdays midday shadows on the ceiling. I think it maybe some of my spirit guides hanging out, wishing I would clean the kitchen. I know the boxes have to go, it bothers me too, Friday seems to be when the garbage goes around here. Will be getting a storage unit this week, can’t wait to move the trapped energy out of here.

This pic below was from a food truck that happened to be in town yesterday. Found out a few days ago and have been looking forward to it. I haven’t eaten fried fish for years, the last time was in 2018 living around the Great Lakes. So I wasn’t sure if I’d feel very good after eating it but I’m fine today, will definitely get it next time they come to town. I know, not the healthiest decisions but…was kinda worth it.

‘It’s Friday I’m in love‘ usually comes to mind hearing the word Friday, but today I heard, ‘here comes the weekend‘, so I got a song for that! Does it show my age? I love Roxette, even now. 😂 Enjoy.