Flashback Friday
Beads leftover from Kaleidoscope Reserve

Flashback Friday


HeLLo! Having a good Friday? This is how Chimmie is feeling about it, maybe she hasn't realized its Friday yet?

Just a quick nap

So I'm going through my beads to make some new jewelry. I decided to order some strong stretch elastic for bracelets, will be here Monday. This is the only kind of thing that works for certain beads. Looking forward to transforming my angel number necklaces, I just bought 555 from someone on Mercari this week. So I have 4 of 9 now. I am definately interested in some coral bracelets!

Here is a gallery of what I found

So I may post some bracelets for sale on Mercari soon...speaking of Mercari I have lots of stuff for sale still including this cool bundle, for spooky season. I'll show pics below 👇 purchase go to Mercari, 'mzfantasia' is my handle, it is the only way I do transactions, thank you!

That's all I have for now, I'll surely be back soon :)