Follow the River

Follow the River

Thursday has come yet again this week, I haven't much to say. My oracle card told me in order to attain my goals I have to flow with the river and see where it takes me. I'm no longer trying to control the process I'm just floating downstream in hopes of a satisfactory outcome. It feels like deja vu as I had a similar feeling in January. I may be repeating myself completely...not sure. I have so many conversations in my head I can’t keep track of the ones I've actually had out loud.

My creativity is still kickin, despite the uneasy feeling surfacing of wasting my time. I know, we all feel this from time to time. Next year is the year of Strength, I'm not sure if that will mean its going to be an ultra challenging year or one I will get stronger overtime with ease. A part of me feels like Ariel (Little mermaid) sinking into the depths of her treasure trove singing about all of her stuff, isn't it neat, how she should be happy but she doesn’t want any of that and really is just sulking on her rock. Then when she finally gets her wish to mingle with the humans she gains legs and loses her voice. Not sure where I'm going with that 😂 but I'd rather have legs than a voice honestly. My strength in my upper body has gotten significantly stronger since covid last month. I’m so grateful because that was scary. My legs already have issues I need atleast one set of limbs working right. I literally have to pick my right arm up with my left arm to put it above my head. Isn't that weird...because I can kind of do a push up on it. It hasn't always been like that.

I'm just rambling maybe someone appreciates it...maybe I'm not here entirely just talking to myself even though I suspect I am. I said I was going to login to FB the other day but just couldn't get myself to do it. My body rejects FB 😂, so I listened. I'll wait until after Mother’s Day and post retrograde.

Oh speaking of Ariel and her trinkets, lol, I picked out my crystal/s for this month. My order will probably be here tomorrow along with an air divination tool soon after. Those I'll post on IG in the next few days go ahead and keep an eye on that, 😉 that's one crystal hint. I picked out a few 2 selenite things which I’ve already talked about that crystal before, a special piece of clear quartz and the main one is inside a ring. A Mother’s Day gift to myself, I didn’t forget my mom I sent her a gift too. She doesn’t like any traditional stuff so not the typical order but I found her some stuff she likes.

That's it for the moment, I'm ordering a caesar salad 🤣, Ive had an embarrassing amount of them this year.