Energy of the week 🙌🏻


The tarot is blessing me this week, I love to see it. The rest of my cards are complimentary and not shared. It's been a bumpy few days, but I awoke with a great sense of calm and feel overall really good this morning, I did wakeup really warm on my chest. One thing that I have been going through is weightloss as my body adjusts to healing the mthfr gene its been really gradual so I'm not complaining it is good and expected but frustrating being inbetween sizes so nothing fits right. Not so loose that it justifies sizing down but almost so I don't really know when to buy new clothes, and I hate buying clothes! 😂 I'll just wait until January and decide, by then I should be at a new level of wellness and plateau that I’ve not experienced in along time, or ever!

Look how the sun photographed today! 🔶

That is kind of funny because the sun has been pretty intense this summer, and diamonds form under pressure, which reminds me that we are being pressure cooked on Earth. 🤣. See how my thoughts flutter, and how we shimmer. Speaking of diamond 👇 look!

Diamondback 🪇

So whatcha tryin to tell me spirit? My passions are already ignited. My gates of power are opening? Sssuper 🐍 triple the fire signs today, and its only 8:30am! And diamonds are pentacles...

So pentacles...a gentle reminder that I have free shipping on my Mercari store if anyone wants any jewelry. I just had a repeat customer bundle items this week which is awesome! It goes towards my health wellness, spiritual tools, and art supplies. Just search Mzfantasia in Mercari app!

I need to go clear the silly out of my head with meditation so I can focus on whatever I have to do today. Highlight of the day is I have two pieces of veggie crust margarita pizza for lunch! 😋. Take care and thanks for reading my ramblings.

"We're like diamonds in the sky" Rhianna