Are you?



Abundance = FREEDOM,

Freedom to have a blank slate every morning, flexible enough to not be fixed into a certain way to do things. This is not how I used to operate, I had chose to change rigid ways this year. Having the time to solve my own problems. I’m not at all materialistic in the typical way, even though I am a Capricorn, I’m much more my rising sign of Cancer. I don’t care about money, cars, clothes, bags…fake high status, high profile matrix commodities. Sacrificing realness to impress fakeness, to live a high life ‘lifestyle’ usually leaving you feeling low and empty, or superior and unlikable. That does not impress me at all. I have no interest in fitting in, and enjoy quiet creature comforts of my own space. I’m not saying it’s bad to do so, we all have our sacrifices and breaking points. So to each their own, that just isn’t anything I hold important in my life, sounds like pure misery in company.

I like room to breathe, having the things I need, and having enough extra to get things I might desire every once in a while, but still being ok if I don’t. Because I only live in the confinment of the 3D when I’m not meditating, in meditation we are free, and when I come out of it to tend to my physical needs I’m ready to eat and enjoy whatever I’m doing to be here like art, music, learning something, writing, reading, or whatever. Also having enough money to be able to show support of whom or what I feel moved to, like animal rescues, helping buy things from people who work from their soul in craft/art/music so they can eat and continue to be free spirited enough to do what they love. Nothing kills creativity like a regular 9-5 job, spreads you thin left too tired to care about anything, soul crushing monotony. In a perfect world, abundance looks like being free enough to do what I like to do everyday not just what I have to do.

I like clean surroundings and simplicity, because clutter causes energy traps and stress, and I’m always looking for new ways to simplify my life, despite having health problems that limit some physical abilities and being a collector of some things other people probably find bizarre. Organized clutter is okay 🤣, like a bookshelf, like one too many vinyls in a pile. Like stacked crystals on my altar, like potted plants against the house, and I may own one too many skeleton knickknacks that stay out year round.

Clean surroundings meaning throwing the trash out timely, cleaning the floors once every week or two, and dishes are either in the dishwasher or cupboard. Clothes are hung up or in the laundry. That’s all I really care about. Living in a quiet lazy town were I would be considered the loud one if the mood strikes, so not hearing other peoples bs going on is a highlight of where I am currently.

There is one high end thing I do like, small batch top shelf ingredients over mass produced. At this stage of my life I care more about what goes in my body. So I do tend to spend more on vitamins and food. That feels like freedom as well. It doesn’t mean I want to go to a Michelin Star restaurant and spend $$$$ on one meal. I’d rather have the ingredients and learn to make it myself.

This is the type of human I am, this is what think of when I hear the word abundance…having the freedom and space to create my life, and who enters it, who gets to stay in my energy. This is my selfcare writing for today. What is your idea of abundance, be honest, are you a still in at a party all the time life, never truly happy unless surrounded by people type person? How do you free yourself? Still letting the outside control your inner wellness? Does the negativity of 3D life not roll off your back yet when someone is rude? Triggered? Do your shadow work then, its a you job. Or can you breathe deep sit back in your own stillness and enjoy your own company enough to rise out needing approval of others? That's the highest vibe, you will have all you need with that energy. You don’t have to have everything all figured out before affirming, "I am free!" Just know your worth it. Have a beautiful Sunday, you deserve your highest timeline, now vibe like you know that already and watch your life change.