God morgen Fredag!

God morgen Fredag!


I just wanna do this

I don’t know why but I like saying the days of the week in Norwegian. So good morning Friday! Not to be confused with Fridag (meaning free day/or holiday). Now you know something you probably will never need to know 🤣.

I’m trying so hard not to buy crystals before moving. But two large crystals that are ‘mine’ are on sale and I don’t think I can pass them up. Less than 1/2 the price they started at the beginning of the year. It must be a Black Friday sale. It’s the same etsy store I got my golden healer flame from. I say ‘mine’ because I just decided long ago they were mine after looking at them, nobody else was going to buy them, because I claimed them, so far no one has. I’m so ridiculous, but…I think I’m gonna do it. It feels right. So a phantom quartz tower and a Smokey quartz freeform to the family, ooh I get to name them now, yay 😂.

My body feels nice today so I’m pretty happy. I’ve been debating on getting some chloroxygen tablets before moving to boost my oxygen levels, it really works like immediately, first day first pill. I probably won’t need it anymore once I get to where the air isn’t so thin but anything to make the move easier I am for it. I‘m fastinated with my funky toe the past few days, it has leaked clear fluids almost everyday which is good and normal, it is healing fast, looks like a brand new toe which is so bizarre. I hope it hurries up though. I started putting a few drops of himalayan salt water on a cotton swab and dabbing the new scab, I figured it may give the wound some nutrients it needs TO HURRY THE HELL UP 🤣!

I’m going to wear compression sleeves pretty soon to get used to that feeling. I always wear them traveling it’s really not optional, wish I didn’t have to put on shoes but I don’t see a way around that. I should look for a slip on shoe not really feeling like wearing converse which are basically all I have and my ankles are so weak and the shoes are so heavy. I never wear shoes in the house ever.

The move isn’t really cross country this time just into the next time zone but north. I expect it to be a smooth easy 6-7hrs and stay overnight (weather permitting) then have a short drive 3-4hrs to finish up the next day. When I moved here I stayed overnight in Amarillo at a Sleep inn, and it was the best hotel and room I had been in for quite awhile, maybe ever, it was so quiet the room was large and dark, and had a practically vacant parking lot 🤣, and I’ve traveled a lot in my life. I’m guessing it was brand new. It was much appreciatied after a night at a crappy hotel in IA on the way from MI to Las Cruces which is a hell of a long drive (24 hrs) done in only two days! 😵 I am done doing those marathon 10-12hrs days on the road though, lol. That’s called a no thanks.

I think I’m going to tell my mom and other family members this weekend to release subconscious and conscious stress. I hope it doesn’t ruin her birthday.

I’m off for now, have a beautiful weekend. I will be packing, but I’ll make it fun somehow with snacks, and breaks, and massage 😏.