Friday 1/2 way point

Friday 1/2 way point


Hello, and happy Friday. It is the halfway point of the month 😱, for me that means shits gettin real! I just ate lunch and I am just relaxing the rest of the day to rest up because this weekend will be the rest of the house pack fest. Feeling okay…enjoying the heat in my upper back that is coming and going out of nowhere. I kinda of want to make a very quick video to say thanks on this blog maybe closer to Christmas Day, because by then I’ll be hopefully completely packed except for what is going with me instead of movers.  I just pushed my Amazon order button, I had anxiety about it yesterday for a minute then I totally forgot about it. So that’s done! If anyone is looking at last minute gifts for anyone with guaranteed shipping before Christmas Day you can from Amazon today. My stuff will be here by next Friday at the latest, mostly things I need but a couple things I wanted too, none of it takes much space so thats good. I guess I’ll show it. Like a pre unboxing 👇🏻

I decided to get a journal and quote stickers to start the year and to pass the time. Needed to get new clippers for Chimmie and the little button up tie dye shirt, as well as some ingrown nail clipper supplies for my toe, a pair of pants for travel because I never wear pants but Janurary in the plains states you best believe I will be 🤣. Some bar soaps and body wipes, new toothbrushes because it’s way overdue, b6, Milkthistle, my holy grail makeup remover and a plant light, identity theft label stamp to secure thrown out mail, lastly the cable clips you can label. I hope that was it.

Hope all is well and I‘ll be back most likely soon!