The weekend starts now
Recharging the dog

The weekend starts now


Hello, it’s Friday. April is flying isn’t it? The energy has certainly changed in and around me. Having a hard time catching my breath…and keeping my temperature stable, I’m cold then warm periodically, it mostly cold, lol. It’s supposed to be 89 on Sunday! We’ll see.

So, I did kind of a different type post yesterday. I hope it was enjoyable and thought provoking. I’m back to just blabbing today 😂 sorry. I’m not a big talker normally so it’s fun to come here and let it out.

I had my ring delivery yesterday. I showed it on IG already. I have another one coming at some point tomorrow, the last of the gold dragons from the lucky dragon collection. I think that takes care of my need to finish the collection. I have never seen the silver dragon from the collection so I may never get it. The other rings left don’t interest me. I have most of them anyways.

The right side of my tongue is very sore today, I think I bit it in my sleep or it rubbed against my teeth. I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything. Funny because it’s not that big a deal, like a paper cut, but it’s really distracting nonetheless.

I did get a magazine the other day, it‘s in a drawer, not right in front of me, I think it’s called ‘Old Home’ or something like that. Not much to choose from, didn’t want to spend much, but it has lots of words and things hopefully it has good transfer. I have not taken the plunge yet on starting. Should have plenty of chance to do some this weekend. Tomorrow after Qdoba for lunch 😂 would be a good time. I haven’t eaten there for almost two weeks! How am I even still alive.

I bought a new nail polish color today. I know it seems like I just bought one, and I LOVE that one. This one is the same amount of cool though, and I have a feeling it will sell out fast. It is from Mooncat‘s newest collection launched today I think. I‘ll show it off when it gets here. I’m still proud of myself, I can stop at one color and not buy the entire collection even though I have to pay shipping that way. It is still only the second polish this year, and I like it that much. Very unique!

I intend to try and video some of the stamping this weekend. At the very least I’ll get pictures of what I come up with. I’ll make an audio clip with my thoughts on the whole thing. It would be easier than writing it all out or talking during a video, while trying to concentrate on what I’m doing.

That’s all I got for now, have a wonderful weekend, ❤️