Drawing a blank

Drawing a blank


Hello…I have had this page open for seven hours. I guess I’m struggling to know what to write some days pass so slowly.

Ate chicken gnocchi soup for lunch. Listening to IAMX Echo Echo songs just uploaded on YouTube. I love acoustic versions, they hit different I think.

I guess there things I need to finish, the mundane things I’ll try to find the fun in it, since I tell other people to do it. Not feeling like doing anything really, but all is good in the neighborhood. My free spirit is off doing its own thing. I’m here, there and everywhere because I’m multidimensional…and I care. I care.

🤣 what?! I got poetic.

I’m off , maybe I’ll be back later

Well that compression massager came today so I’m going to do that. Hopefully it helps. Also… bunneh. 😆