Friday and deep thoughts

Friday and deep thoughts


Hello. I spent some time catching up on chores and email and phone calls yesterday. I started writing an entry but didn’t finish before I was too tired, so here I am, a day late. I’ll tack that writing on at the end. Was I missed? Here’s a pic of Chimmie after lunch during laundry time, she had a bath Wednesday and feels pretty still 😂. Decided to renew lease here so I’ll be at this address awhile longer, not much out there to rent it seems. O‘well, I don’t have to think about packing up to move by July which is a blessing in a way.

What a ham

Right now I’m gathering a list what I need for the stamping art that I can just get at Walmart. So Mod Podge glossy and matte, that way I have an option for either finish I feel like for each piece. I might get more black and white acrylic also because I think I’ll use those the most. Looking forward to getting started. Going to go for now, I’ll insert the writing from yesterday below and come back later. Have a great day!


Here’s the thought I had writing out yesterday.

“It may sound bizarre but I’ve realized it doesn’t really matter whether or not you go bask into this sunlight at all. You cannot hide from the sun, as in source, you can hide but you get blessed no matter what you do. My skin is so sore I feel like I have a sunburn, but it’s part of the process I think of renewal. I’m not showing skin outside so what does it mean? If this is actually energy at the atomic level radiating toward us from our spiritual sun this is what I would expect to feel. Innerstanding that we are souls made of flames, we are stars with people names…right? Anyone else feel it? Think of it as a purifying process like a radiation treatment to eliminate a horrible disease not meant to kill us, but to save us. How interesting it is getting, it seems part of recoding and dna upgrading in a monumental way. I think the stormiest part has passed and we survived a Carrington like event that was predicted for 2025, but came early and without any massive technology issues with grids and stuff, I say this as CME’s keep coming, lol.“

Lunch veggie pasta Mac n cheese. Was ok but probably won’t get it again.