Comic strip art from February I didn’t use for anything



Good Morning! I woke up to a ring order this morning. Love to see it! Especially since I purchased two rings for myself this week I didn’t plan for. I enjoy this part. I got this free pen from another Mercari seller in my last order!

Packing an order this AM 

Also woke up to a dead snake in the yard, I just left it there because I'm pretty sure something will come to eat it. Chimmie sniffed it but wasn’t phased. I'm not afraid to pick it up, I used to work with them in a past job, I like reptiles.

Rest in piece buddy, this summer is brutal

I recieved my sage goddess order yesterday. I got this cool obsidian trishul 🤩, and these glass beebops. I bought one of each she had in stock, I will eventually get all the zodiac, elements, and starseeds as they come back in stock. Also, a free perfume sample and sage leaves, I thought the beebops would be cool to use during moon readings and oracle readings.

I did do my nails finally wearing Zoya Alice, an oldie but a goodie. I really like the pixiedust formula but it is hard to remove, harder than chunky glitter, ugh. but its so pretty! Also wearing the Moon rituals ring 'Dream', the other ring is coming today.

Well, I think this concludes this post. Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back later today, or tomorrow. Thank you so much for being here...or there...around.