‘Hold it together’



Embrace who you are on all levels, literally! Very healing. It is really hard to help lift others if you can’t hold yourself together first. The collective energy shifts can really be a force to throw you off balance there is lots of pain in the entire world right now, like the war as an example, beyond your own immediate 3D pains, to shift away from, they are not your pains to carry, I don’t mean not to acknowledge it, just don’t feed it negative energy which makes the problem worse. What I mean is try to limit thoughts of it never getting better, loading thoughts with painful ends, learn to transform that energy into love. The best you can do is send love to those in the midst of it all, and to yourself envision an end to it, with a peaceful future before it happens. Because thoughts become reality, change your mind, change the future.

Even with lots of spiritual inner work one can have a hard time moving through it all. But you can, you rest, you nurture yourself, you get up and start by doing what you can control. Remember you can only control yourself, thoughts, actions, reactions, so that is where your focus should be. A huge lesson in life is you cannot control others, everyone will do what they want to do. What is that saying, ”Don’t control people, let them go and see what they’d rather do.” Or something like that, just throwing this to the wind not expecting it to stick. I’m just a guide after all.

Do whatever it is you need to start, start as slow as you need to. Take breaks without apology, help people by example, that is a healer. It is never selfish to love yourself first. People that think that has a misunderstanding of their own selves, pains they haven’t worked through yet, it isn’t your job to fix them. Let that stuff go, you are not expected to take on someone else’s karma outside of your own energetic body.

Being able to do this takes a lot of practice, but this is how you become the healer, knowing the pain, embracing yourself, transmuting it into something else, something like art is an example, the negativity that is not your own is postively transformed into something else even if the art is a mood, you didn’t trap that inside your body because you have to decide you are not a victim of the world. You see lots of art made from transmutation in hard times around the world it heals and connects people in so many ways. It may be something beautiful or ugly, or something relatable, something tangible, something that helps you understand yourself. This shows others the power they also have the capability to become the healer as well, it starts with one. Then little by little it changes the world and we shift dimensions. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to scream, it’s okay to not smile, it’s okay to sit with the feeling a little while then let it go, and then hug yourself!

I hug myself everyday multiple times. It is not dumb or weird. In fact, did you know you need 8 hugs a day to sustain your life? You need 12 to thrive. A day! Being in hug deficit can actually kill you, I am not kidding! Yes animal hugs count too, and they also need hugs in return. Imagine the world if everyone knew that, then did something about it, what a difference it would make