Friday bloody Friday

Friday bloody Friday


First off…what the…I’m five days early. I’m not prepared mentally to be going through this again already 🤣. I just have to laugh now or I’ll cry later. 🩸🩸🩸🤪 thanks eclipse season. Bright side is that I‘ll be done by Halloween.

I just received my fragrant jewels ring in the mail, and this person also is giving crystals as free gift in her orders. I got this cute little obsidian heart worry stone. So cute!☺️

I have some upper back pain I have already done all my AM meditations. I guess I need to tend to my higher heart. Do it with me if you want…

I’ve been writing Our Divinity III for a few days now. Not sure when it will go up, currently it’s just has a feature photo, but it will be sub only. I’m touching on a lot of interesting parts of the inner journey that I came to some conclusion this morning to clarify what outer union is. I’ve just taken notes so far, I can’t wait to write it out, if for nothing else but my own eyes to see it. I made this art yesterday from a quote I found, not sure of author. Thoughts? You can send them to my brain, or subscribe and leave a comment. I’m going to end this here, tend to my body. There is a song I have go listen to now. Have an awesome weekend ❤️