Friday…and Future
So juicy 💦

Friday…and Future


Good morning! Everything seems to be coming together beautifully. Great nights sleep I now have an exact date which of course not sharing here. I have a direct drop off of my stuff too so I won’t have to wait a week! Chim has a vet appointment soon that was the hardest to get scheduled as no one has an opening in town it seems for months, and was getting the suggestion to go to El Paso, but finally got her in somewhere.

I ate that grapefruit above and about choked to death 🤣. It’s like a week old I had a craving for one and just never found the time to eat it all week until now, it has to be two hours away from taking my b12 because b12 + vit c compete for absorption. Last night I was craving coconut shrimp from the outback so I got that. Seafood is very iffy here in the desert and I miss it, I’m guessing it will be about the same in KS, no open body of water for it, fresh water fish might be good though.


Just painted my nails a minute ago so that’s done. Didn’t have time yesterday. Another perk of just wearing black is it’s just one coat to opaque which is a nice timesaver. I think I may try a few new things next year with nails, magnetic pigment powders maybe some gel colors, try to spark that creative part back into manicures which I let fall to the wayside this year.


I just bought a digital album, Future by Schiller. It’s a few years old but I have never bought it yet, so and feel I like I should to give back because I listen to it all the time on Spotify it is one of my favorite albums ever I like where it takes me, and how I feel when I listen to it. It still feels well, futur-y 😆 Check it out if you’ve not before (electronic) listen straight through.