Already good Enough
The current struggles of full Virgo moon “perfectionism”, vs sun in Pisces “you‘re already good enough”

Already good Enough

Virgo Full moon shines a light on your health issues. Asking where can you make the small detailed changes in your life that will create that big beneficial change.


Good morning. I woke up to seeing I forgot to logout of socials last night. Feeling much lighter and rested pre full moon even. This moon tomorrow has me thinking about my health journey, being in the meticulous sign of Virgo. Get to work, lol. I’m doing the work Virgo, you best believe, already mapped my next moves out the other day. This will overwhelm people with significant Pisces placements, don’t get frozen in the overwhelmingness of where do I start! Then get stuck doing absolutely nothing and fall into escapism. Just try and do the next thing in front of you and make it a fun task no matter how mundane. It will pass.

I’m currently sketching some goats, felt the urge 😂. I didn’t get around to making pasta yesterday but will today. I had zoned out for a little while, it was necessary. Overnight I played rain sounds to clear negative subconscious energy. It worked! Man that solar plexus chakra upgrade was a doozy I think it’s stabilized now…everything feels, calmer, more stable. Thoughts? Comments? Unsure yet if I am going to do a full moon reading, I may not. Just being real (Virgo approves!) I have other things to finish this weekend.

It is going to be in the 70’s a few days this week, Chimmie will get her first Kansas bath! It’s nice to not be freezing temps, she has sniffed the grass outside and getting more confident. Heard and felt some rumbles the other day there is an army base nearby they let off some explosives occasionally for drills or something.

I’ll continue updating this post as the day progresses…but gotta do other stuff right now. Happy Friday! For now, here’s a revamped flashback Friday pic. I‘m a tiny elf 😂.

I guess I forgot what year it is again, damn it