Friday night musings
'Mercury in Retrograde' 

Friday night musings

I just finished up this animation for the planetary event we know and love. Mercury our favorite scapegoat when shit gets wacky.  Stuff really does get weird though sometimes. I enjoyed making the art I love gods and goddesses and ancient art.  Anyways, I hope everyone's Mercury is more Freddie than Retrograde 😂, and if it must retrograde then I hope it is a revisting of good memories and reconnecting to your favorite people.  I'm missing a favorite person...

I’m sitting here laughing at a clip of me singing at the highest speed possible, its so funny. It's one of my favorite songs to sing called 'Touch my Face' from Aleah, just a little karaoke back before I was sick, I tried to upload it but I can’t get it to play.  I think I'm just in better spirits today because I'm not sick so I'm easily amused.  I had a productive day that makes things better too.  When your sitting around for days while your body fights the good battle, it gets really old.  I have been needing to go to bed at 9pm not a second later...I sleep until 5am, all the way through. This morning I had bloodshot eyes...not sure why, maybe it's a side effect of the virus. This weekend I'm going to go outside and sit in the sun for a bit.  Chim needs her bath she hasn’t had one this month she has some new shampoo and conditioner and her nails need clipped they are so long. I feel like I'm always cutting them they grow so fast.  I'm so grateful she is good for me and I can do it myself.  I did care for dogs as a job for many years so I'm probably expert level nail trimmer at this point.

I have a new Oracle deck on the way, but its looks like it won’t be here in time for my Sunday IG video. Monday is the day its coming, I refused to pay expedited shipping, lol. I'm just happy to be able to get it this month. Everything I've wanted this month has been do-able. I had to buy some packing supplies for my store but that should be a one time thing with exception of bubble mailers but I got a good start. I'm also going to get a pack of 1" crystals for free gifts next month . I thought it was a cute idea that’s cheap but makes orders feel put together with that little something extra.  Eventually I'll make jewelry again and I'll sell it from there as well with the same packaging idea.  Still down the road though, a long dirt road, lol.  

I was kind of topic-less tonight, I apologize.  I think I’ve run out of things to say, not much has happened. So, have another Mercury clip from my video. Also have a good weekend.