Friday Strangeness
Cleaning and charging my hearts

Friday Strangeness


Last night one of the smoke detector batteries started chirping in another room around 2am, nothing I could do about it at that hour so I just tried to blast it out with rain sounds. Then when I got up at regular time it stopped, completely dead 🤨. So, strange Friday so far. It has since been replaced. However I'm in a haze I can't seem to get started on anything, its okay though, I could use a break. Also just a minute ago a white wing dove slammed into my sliding glass door. Scared the shit out of me, but it seems fine walking around the patio now.  Probably blindsided by flying in the direction of the sun on other side of the house. Happens a lot actually, I should be used to it.  

Yesterday's post  "Our Divinity (Part II)" was huge, at almost 4000 words. Oh my god, originally I had it public, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted it that way. So I changed it back and forth from subscriber only and public a few times. Lucky you if you caught it in between my indecisiveness.  I may make it public again...I don’t know 😆 I can’t decide, I worked too long on it to scrap it. I feel like it sounds too harsh, and repetitive to Part I.  I don't know how to fix it. So check back every once in awhile to see if I've made it public, it is just my opinion, but it sounds like the only way to think about it, and yeah it's not.

It looks like sometime late next week for art supplies. I am getting the teas and mushroom coffee and vitamins Monday.  I also got a couple new cirque polishes coming, took advantage of their B-Day sale and got 3 colors. I still have my yellow manicure on at the moment, it looks awful, I think I'll put on Wildberry West from Cirque as a full manicure, I’ve not done that yet.

I just decided to pull one soul lesson card today out of curiosity.  Health seems like my lesson for everyday not just today. I am taking care of my vessel, my temple, soon taking new things to help detox me from the inside out. This week I happened to get a zit on my cheek bone, that is a weird place I don’t think I've ever had that before. Thats the kidney zone of face mapping.  I've been staying out of the sun its been 100+ degrees for weeks now, that is hard on the kidneys. I started a new aluminum free deodorant Secret cherry blossom, so far so good, its been a week and I like the smell. Hopefully that is a step in the right direction for detox armpit health. I started dry brushing my limbs again, I bought a dry brush last year and haven't done it for quite awhile but started this week. It just makes such a mess with skin flakes but it is probably worth the clean up, feels nice too.

A question, lol, have you ever tried to use google identification on a pet photo? Well I just did on a picture of Chimmie, it usually says Min Pin, but this particular photo I used said she was a panda. 🤣🤣🤣 Nice try Google.  Alright I'm going to end this for now. I hope you have a beautiful evening and weekend. Stay hydrated in this hot streak.