Uh oh March
I found these pineapple and pickles blend which actually works.

Uh oh March


Turned into a flashback post here’s my pirate 🏴‍☠️

Hello March, let the madness begin 🤪, and I just mean in general, I don’t follow basketball. I had slept but feel like I could sleep more, fun theta activity around 4am, got up up at 6:30am. Noisy neighbors last night, but only noticed when my ear bud would fall out. They have a huge cat that gets zoomies in the morning, pretty funny how loud its feet are. I feel on the ball today as I’ve already done lymphatic massage and drank coffee, and bone broth (not at the same time) and next is pineapple juice. Half way through listening to this uplifting frequency combo, no blockages today, I feel the vibration everywhere. Good! Let’s keep it there…and there…oh and definitely there 😂. It’s fun to watch the kaleidoscope images as well.

This weekend will be about getting all the books in the bookcase, there are four boxes of books. The tricky part is that the movers put the bookcase against the wall, facing the shelf openings to the wall, and the boxes of heavy ass books are up against it, lol. So it needs turned around to have access to the shelves and it’s all wrapped in plastic. So a laughable annoyance, I tried understanding why but I can’t rationalize it, must have just been in a hurry I suppose to beat the bad weather coming through that day. I have had the bookcase for years, it has glass doors that open up and slides inward. That will free up a lot of space, currently taking up half the room. Then I’ll look for the box that has my hot glue gun in it so I can fix my skeletons broken bones.

Just had the urge to turn inward. I‘m back that’s better.

What was I talking bout now? I dunno, doesn’t matter now 🤣. I’ll add to this post again after lunch need to just sit with myself for a few.

I’m back with a story or two

So I guess Manhattan has this made up little celebration this weekend called ‘Fake Paddy’s Day. Has something to do with the university‘s student rebellion of the town shutting down the real St. Paddy’s day events down because it brings lots of out of towners here and overwhelms local law enforcement. lol. This is only a city of about 55,000 people. So they (the rebellous students) made up a new holiday (Fake Paddy’s day) to get around the St. Paddy’s day closures. 🤣 I can’t imagine it could be that bad, it’s a pretty quiet place. I won’t be partaking in any unruly shenanigans this weekend I don’t mind tellin ya, and believe me I’ve had my fair share. That was my Irish pirate coming out. It’s okay though I’m mostly Irish. I used to have a video of me making and drinking Irish car bombs in my pigtail phase many many moons ago 😂. No video anymore but here’s the hair, and also my pirate girl shirt. If I find a pictures of my Irish coffee and Foods I’ll post below.