X-flare 1.6
Random Flashback

X-flare 1.6


I’m finally here. Not much to say really, but felt I should post something. How about the X 1.6 flare last night causing seismic activities…O 😱 🌋😏

I feel like my BP is up, is it related to this, maybe. 👇🏻 I’m pretty calm today, I already have done all the things. Lymph massage, salt cleanse, meditation, lunch…etc.

“AHA says,  Despite this protective shield, solar activity can cause geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), disruptions to the Earth's natural magnetic field oscillations, and can impact autonomic nervous system activities,1, 2which can, in turn, directly and indirectly play a role in initiating and sustaining high blood pressure (BP).“

Maybe I should listen to some inflammation frequencies, I did that yesterday, had full body vibration I fell asleep during, it was nice. Here is the one I used. Happy Friday. I might return…check later.

Really good!

music of the day…