Chim and her new smiley faced ball 🥰


Yesterday I got some news about my dad’s health. I’m not going to say exactly what it is, that’s his business, but he was able to take care of the problem he has been having with medication instead of surgery. That had been weighing on my mind somewhere in the background since last month, and I’ve been trying not to worry. It seems as though everything is working out, everything always is. I’m going to relax on that, my mind started to make problems where there wasn’t any…which probably caused my excema flare up. I had it on my right eyelid. Thankfully it’s subsided now, just a small dot remains. 2021 I had an outbreak on my chest for a really long time, and this is the first time I’ve had it on my eyelid and omg was it itchy. If you are unfamiliar with the condition, it feels like poison ivy, only it doesn’t spread and is not contagious, and it gets itchier as the day progresses.

I’ve been sleeping fine, and I’m still extremely creatively energetic but my body is tired. My eyes are really tired, like sleeping with my eyes open, lol, I hope not. I just want to wrap my arms around my body and take a nap, but I don't. Too many tabs open in my brain at the moment, for the logical aspects of living life, and I’m craving potatoes, eggs and cheese 😂. I think I’m going to let myself have it for lunch.  I meant to come here everyday this week to write but I guess I forgot.  I don’t know where the time went, I don’t really know where I am at all. My tarot overall energy of the week is 10 of wands, so  I can reasonate some of that card lately. Last week was the Moon.

Getting ready to pull cards, new decks and a kalimba thumb piano, isn't it cute! 

I had made some videos this week with my new oracle decks and got a little carried away with my sped up baby voice, I'll try not to do it anymore. I decided to see what a video sounded like slowed all the way down also. That produced the craziest sounds, slowed down card shuffling sounded like I was in a submarine, clanking doomy noises, it really surprised me actually I’m going to figure out how to add it to a video for art of the day.

This week I’ve made a few Mercari sales so I made a small purchase of two more jewelry pieces I’m collecting. The two only came to $25 together, the person I bought from must be just trying to clear out her collection quickly selling so cheap. Fragrant jewels Angel numbers necklace in 333 (support) engraved on the back.  Moon rituals ring in ‘Peace’.  I’m hurrying to get that moon rituals collection because hardly anyone selling it now and it’s retired. I have one more to get ‘Protect’. There is also one ‘Restore’ for sale but it is a size 6, which is the size that doesn’t fit any finger, so I have to pass on it. Hopefully FJ will bring the collection back and I’ll get to complete it eventually. There is only one more Angel numbers necklace for sale, I don’t really want, so I'll pass for now. It's 555 which is (change) 🙄, and I’m over it despite knowing change is constant, and that is totally ok. Yesterday’s oracle cards results, also I think it’s been coming out in other readings too, seeing 555 on the clock, 5 dollars to ship out my packages, I get up at 5am everyday… I have four 5's and three 8's in my phone number when you include areacode, 🤣.  I have positively changed so much this year I’m not sure what else I need to do. Especially when I’m supposed to accept myself for the now. I’ll just take it as big change is coming soon that I just can’t see yet, and be postive about it. It is almost the new moon in Gemini...So in all I’ll have intuition, wealth, reflection, clarity, support, peace and wisdom. I like to think so at least, lol. Happy Friday!