Full 🦫 🌕 in ♊️ (preview)
My moon notes 🤣…

Full 🦫 🌕 in ♊️ (preview)


I just heard ”Ya’ll ready for this”, omg what, lol!

So the beaver hastily builds her nest under the light of the full moon in Gemini. Practically overnight she gathers all the things that will sustain her for the upcoming months.

So you may have trouble sleeping for awhile and feel the need to be productive at night. This moon asks you to prepare and secure yourself for winter, and spend time reflecting on memories that keep you warm.

I personally watch Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas 🎄😂. I know, not a beaver but still.

Sagittarius sun says fire up the simmer pots with herbs and essential oils and light orange candles. Keep your space warm and spicy. Oranges, frankincense, bayleaf, cloves, cedar, and cinnamon.

Work on grounding/root chakra because this moon can bring sudden transits and freaky fast shifts to your life. You are up leveling up in a massive way…literally all the ways. Stay in abundance mindset and frequency to receive! Try listening to root chakra frequencies on YouTube overnight to wake up grounded in the first place.

Your ability to adapt to this change will improve this time around you’ve had practice. Blockages are being cleared. You are limitless.

This was my pre-moon ritual notes, check back tomorrow for the oracle and tarot.