Full 🐺 🌕 in 🦁

Full 🐺 🌕 in 🦁


Good morning, a supercharged fire moon is upon us. Who is irritable today, raise your hands or eyebrows, 🤣, Lol. I haven’t pulled any cards this year, but if I had to guess the overall energy of the month it would be Hanged Man…definitely it feels that way to me. It literally even feels like a rope around my feet, both of them!

Irritable 😂😂😂

Anyways, “I just heard this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine.” Leo is the sign of ‘me me me’ so…its time to let your light shine. Show your brilliance and creativity, you are needed to make a difference in the world. It is almost lunar new year in the year of strength, soon you will start feeling uplifted and invigorated, don’t give up.

I just shuffled my deck and look who’s on the bottom, 😆. Man, that’s uncanny! I’m going to meditate to bring me into balance and clear the energy and I might listen to an energizing frequency as well and return to cards. I’ll be back!

One hour later. I think I’m good, let’s get into it. But as I tap into the collective energy I think I’ll have to keep it short because it might drain me.

During the wolf moon the nights are long and the food is scarce, half the collective energy feels irritable, everything your feeling is amplified so if feeling negative it is intensified. You maybe easily triggered by others, and any pain especially menstrual pain may be worse than normal. Try as hard as you can to shift your frequency higher to balance it out. Howl you gonna shift your vibe higher? Do things from the heart. Bring joy to yourself.

This is a time to either fast or eat minimally. Try to make healthy choices today it will help your mood. This will help with the spiritual downloads incoming, they may be overwhelming you with headache and ear ringing this week which can also be irritating if you are not cleansing your space and body enough to download them.

I’m just going to get one tarot card for today’s overall energy, and a few oracle cards. I’m not fully unpacked yet! It’s been a year inside a month let me tell you!

So I am not surprised that this card came out for today’s energy. Some of you are going through some deep emotional turmoil of some type. Could be involving others but doesn’t have to. The feeling of being extremely lonely, or betrayed or rejected by others. The next card I pulled is the Worry card. Some of you are clearly worried about how you are feeling about the first card. Learn that worry does not change the outcome, it only makes you feel worse, it is a wasted emotion sucking your energy up, it only gives you the illusion of control. Worry destroys hope, faith and excitement. Help your soul by releasing it, and be fully connected to the current moment, which is where your power resides. Then the next card from the universe says to see with your heart, now is the time to hear the messages. Breathe in, breathe out. It is a difficult time for all people, know that the feeling won’t go on forever, this will ease as people become aware and see with thier hearts. We will be learning to do this more, this is the year of the dragon, the cosmic creature with a heart womb, they do everything out of love and seeing with the heart. Next is heart chakra, wow this reading is really straightforward. So as your heart/higher heart chakra is opening or upgrading you may be feeling deeper emotions than you ever have, be gentle with yourself and others and realize time is needed. The heart and higher heart (thymus) chakra is the center harmonizing mind and body. The last card is the third house of communication. Try and communicate clearly with anyone involved in your pain.

Well, that’s the reading, short and to the point. Through the heart…is the way. I am out for now. I’m going back to meditation and then lunch.

……. 10:58pm wide awake…guess I’ll create then, there was an Apple update so as I’ve said before artsy upgrades, I know it is weird.

Night Owl